A Brief History


In 1981, responding to the private sector demand for a better quality of education compared to what was being imparted at government-run schools, The FPS Founding Team took this great leap into the extraordinary. The first branch of the school was opened in the PECHS area as it occupied a central position in Karachi and was considered a logistically better accessible area.

Since its founding, FPS has come to be synonymized with quality education with a human touch; dedicated to the promotion of human as well as religious values, Foundation Public Schools are proud of their approach but not satisfied because satisfaction stems from complacence and we can never accept that we have achieved it all. Thus the aim is to keep striving to achieve the very best, not just in education but in human values as well.

We at FPS emphasize both discovery and application with the goal of pushing "knowledge into action" locally, throughout the nation and our global universe. We invite you to join our faculty, staff, alumni, and friends in this important journey.


It all began way back in the 70s when an ambitious and determined individual won a Rotary Scholarship to a Master's Programme in Educational Administration and Supervision at the Syracuse University, New York.

While in the U.S. Yasmeen met and became friends with another Femme Extraordinaire Sabiha Mohammad who was and continues to be, passionately interested in Early Childhood Education. Sabiha was completing her training in America Montessori Society in the U.S. at the time.

This commonality of visions and passions of ‘Learning to Educate', brought Yasmeen and Sabiha further close, close enough to set up FPS; there has never been a moment of looking back, just “Standing on tip-toe to look beyond”.

On their return to Karachi , providence had it all chalked out for them; both Yasmeen and Sabiha began work at the same school; Yasmeen as a Vice-Principal and Sabiha, the head of the Infant Section. The thought of managing a school of their own was never placed on the back burner.

Opportunity came knocking at their doors when a school building came up for rent. The two enterprising women, along with Sabiha's cousin Raza Minhas who had returned from the U.S. securing an MBA degree for himself, leased the property and the first branch of FPS opened in P.E.C.H.S on October 14, 1981 with 14 students and 5 teachers.

Today, Foundation Public School is a well integrated network of 9 branches (6 in Karachi and 3 in Hyderabad , Sindh). It is one of the very few educational conglomerates which read the need and spelt it out so successfully by stepping on a path where most ‘feared to tread'; one of the fewer still who withstood the rising accusation that it had strengthened the hands of those who were auctioning education at exaggerated prices. But the founders of FPS have proved to its detractors that to buy quality, any price is too little.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world” - Joel Barker

Hence the story of FPS moves on………



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