FPS Interns in Schools

FPS Interns in Schools


My time at the Elementary campus has been really good. Working with this age group is a learning experience on its own. I have learnt how it really takes a person’s dedication and commitment to help out the young children. This teaching opportunity has not only made me productive but also showed me what practical life looks like.
FPS has shaped me as a person, as it not only focuses on academics but has also played a vital role in character development. At A Level I was also given the opportunity to sign up for TA at the Junior Campus. This opportunity helped me push myself to try out new things in the future.
Ruqaiyah Jameel


Since the beginning of my school life I have been an FPSonian continued till A Level. And I am truly thankful for FPS in making me the person who I am today. FPS A Level encouraged me to face my fears. The internship offered to me is a way of gaining experience and an outlook on a possible career path.
The day I stepped into the campus I knew that I will have a lot of memories that I will cherish in the future. The welcoming environment helped me to gel in well. I am thankful for this experience as I have always loved children, especially young ones so I was very excited about my position as an intern.
Nabiha Batool

I am a fresh A Level graduate of FPS. FPS has given me multiple opportunities and now this internship being my first ever exposure into professional life for which all credit goes to FPS. This internship has provided me with an opportunity to develop managerial and teaching skills which are not just limited to the teaching sector. Adding on, my internship so far is going well and I am thriving to learn every day. Looking forward to continuing this internship with full responsibility and commitment.
Thanking you,
Yusuf Hasan Ali


FPS A level has always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and has helped me in growing as an individual. I am grateful for being an FPSonian as it not only gave me a good college life but it also gave me a professional experience.
I was quite nervous in the start but the welcoming environment made me attached to this place. I’m grateful for this experience as it gives me a taste of how practical life could be and prepares me for the professional world. Interacting with these students is both rewarding and therapeutic.
Aniqua Asim




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