My Journey as an FPSonian

My Journey as an FPSonian

Omar Ashraf Khan
Vice-President, FPS A Level

Being affiliated with FPS for almost 12 years now ,it feels unreal to have made it this far. Whether it was attending IBA Enigma or winning first place at the SUPARCO Glider Competition, FPS has given me ample of opportunities to become the best version of myself. 

It may be of surprise that in my elementary years I was incredibly shy but the learning environment at the North Campus Junior which was based on active participation and continuous assemblies encouraged me to gain confidence and shine. Today those years feel like a distant memory but one token I will always cherish will be a note from Ms. Beenish telling me to always keep smiling and never give up. Such are the teachers at FPS.

Truthfully, stepping into the senior school was a struggle, in terms of participation in extracurriculars. Even though I missed being in the spotlight I was too intimidated to do anything about it. Albeit, time passed and before I knew it, I was a ninth grader. It would be fitting to say that this point in my life was where I stood at crossroads: I just needed a final push. Like an angel in disguise, Ms. Kashaf swooped in and took it upon herself to mentor me. She was part of the administration at FPS and has had a huge impact on my life. Her support is almost like an analogy for FPS and the change it has brought in me. From encouraging me, to actively training me throughout the process, she has left no stone unturned in helping me achieve what I desired. 

Here it is crucial to add that I made my fair share of mistakes and faced many disappointments.  My failures could have either set me back or I could learn from it and come back stronger. What has made me unique today, is my willingness to learn and struggle to do better. 

My last year at the senior class is the one I hold dearest to my heart. It was the year I was gowned Director Brand, and what an honor it was. The fact that I had the chance to represent an institution that I was so proudly a part of seemed surreal to me. That year I learned what it meant to lead, but to continually learn from those who surround me as well. This final year truly embedded the FPS core values in me and I see myself display them in each task that I perform.  I have learnt the significance of a kind act and to always be grateful for what I have. The core value “Plan and Think Ahead” has had such an immense impact on me that I see myself actively working on being prepared with multiple backup plans.

Looking back at my journey, I am wholeheartedly grateful to FPS for nurturing me into the individual that I am proud to be today. I owe all my growth to this institute.


Alyssa Bernice Lazarus
Executive Secretary, FPS A Level

I have a pretty long connection with FPS since a number of my family members have taught here but it was only a year ago that I became an FPSonian. I came from St. Joseph’s Convent School. When I first joined FPS, I was filled with uncertainty; would FPS be the place for me? Would I be able to make friends?

Nevertheless, in a matter of time, I realized that FPS is a space that provides flexibility and almost everything a student might need to excel. I have become much more confident because of the encouraging and positive environment. I am glad I chose to come to FPS; it has provided me with opportunities that I don’t think any other college could. I haven’t been this content with where I was until now.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke to my Vice Principal about something that I was interested in, which is event planning. I sent her a list of ideas and then she proposed that I create a club for it because she saw potential in me. Eagle Events becoming a reality and launching it on Eagles Club Fest was an achievement for me. Working on Eagle Events since the past few months and seeing it materialize into something significant and real has been quite a fulfilling and special experience for me. Being a part of the Student’s Council was one of my goals and I am grateful for this incredible opportunity. 

Even though the past year has been an arduous one due the pandemic, the administration and faculty made sure that all of us were on the same wavelength regarding our academics and extracurricular activities. They created an enjoyable atmosphere, making all my worries seem trivial. The close knit community and loving environment motivated me greatly to excel at my academics. In this short stretch of time, I met numerous unique individuals who I have made amazing memories with and I look forward to making more at FPS.

FPS has promoted my growth as a student and as an individual. My chest swells with pride every time I declare myself an FPSonian.

Huzaifa Zahid
Leadership Club Vice-Chairperson, FPS O Level North Campus

I remember the seven-year old me singing the school anthem with such pride and zeal, and it makes me teary-eyed to realize how quickly the time has passed by, since embarking on my journey as an FPSonian. Little me was so confused and frightened entering school on my very first days, but FPS welcomed me in with open arms and made me feel at home. All the tears that I cried, being away from Mama Baba, made me grow up, more than a student as a person. 

Being associated with FPS for more than eleven years, the school has become more than just an institution to me. It has nurtured me, given me strength and confidence, built a firm foundation for me, and has continued to provide me the most fulfilling education. The shy, quiet kid who sat alone in the corners of KG-2 turned into the courageous and self-assured boy who would never leave behind any competition! And he sang, at his loudest, standing out from others  

“Forever perform to succeed, this is the way indeed!” 

With every small lesson day by day, and every little error I made, I learnt. I learnt who I was meant to be, who I would become, and little Huzaifa, eager and passionate, had set his goals from just grade two. While I imagined, FPS paved the path for. From those early wins – my first debate competition in Grade III, becoming a Kangaroo gold medalist in Grade V, a beginning to many an achievement – I hopped on the stepping stones that the school laid out for me, and travelled to success after success. FPS gave me the support and strength to manage my extra-curriculars alongside my academics, and I passed out from Grade V with the highest result in my batch.

Coming to the senior campus was similar to my first day, everything felt so new!

Yet this time, I wasn’t the same. I had grown so much from my experiences. When teachers would greet me by saying “You did wonderful in the assembly!” or seniors would pat me on the back, I could feel their support. The school gave me every opportunity to prove myself, and I never let them down. From organizing various activities and assemblies, to taking part in competitions such as HRCA and winning, gave me a lot of experience which I am truly proud to share as being a student at FPS.

Recently, I ran for a Club Leadership position, and was elected after a successful campaign. This experience helped me pick up new skills in influential leadership. I think back now to all that the school has provided me, and how it has completely and utterly changed me. FPS taught me, more than any person or a parent, and I’m sure this legacy will continue for all the students to come. At my back are the wings of an eagle, and I shall soar high, for all the years to come. My greatest gratitude to Foundation Public School, and a very happy 40th Birth Anniversary. I know now what it means, when we chanted all together. Once an FPSonian, always an FPSonian!


Safinaz Suleman
Head Girl, FPS O Level Defence Campus

If I am asked to say in a sentence, what FPS is to me, I will not be over exaggerating when I say, it is my identity. Wherever I stand today, is because of the multitude of opportunities my school has given me. In the past 12 years, I have gone through experiences I would not trade for anything else. Whether it was taking every available leadership position in the junior grades, or staying back after school for sports practices. From becoming the best athlete in Premier League to becoming one of the fastest athletes in Pakistan. From campaigning during club elections for friends in senior grades to becoming a Club Leader myself. From being awestruck by Council Members wearing gowns to wearing one myself, there have been many ups and downs during the journey. But my school, FPS, has always taught me to strive for excellence in everything that I do, set realistic goals and embrace change with open arms.

As an FPSonian, we are not only expected to be good students academically, but also, expected to be humble, kind, respectful and always have an attitude of gratitude. Today being in the senior-most grade level when I look at my juniors, I realize how over the past twelve years we have evolved as empathetic human beings who work for the greater good of society, and the credit for that goes to my school’s encouraging and positive school culture. Thank you FPS! May you live long and grow always!


Roohan Lateef
Head Boy, FPS O Level Defence Campus

My name is Roohan Lateef and I have been associated with FPS for the past 13 years. I still remember my first day of school. Walking into the school, hiding behind my mother and begging her not to leave me alone with strangers. But my school has transformed that shy, young boy in kindergarten to a young and passionate leader. Not only have I been given countless opportunities across various fields of life, but I have also been provided with a platform for self-identification that would enable me to lead in this competitive world. Furthermore, various extracurricular activities such as the Clubs and Jury have given me the experience and a glimpse of how the real-world functions.

My journey at FPS has truly been a roller coaster ride. Yet, the loving teachers and the administration have always seen the best in me. They have encouraged and motivated me to become a better human being. I am truly grateful to my school, FPS, for nurturing me and my peers into our best version. 


Syeda Eshaal
Leadership Club Chairperson, FPS O Level North Campus

It was one fine August morning when I first stepped foot inside the Foundation Public School building, and officially became an FPSonian. In the beginning I had some difficulty coping up. That was when I truly found out what being an FPSonian is! The teachers and students were extremely understanding and supportive, and it didn’t take me long to flourish into an outstanding achiever. Not to forget, Ms. Shahid was the best principal ever.

I was always eager to participate in all activities, and at FPS, the opportunities were plenty! Every activity had a new lesson for me to learn, opportunities to get to know people better and mingle with them freely. In the junior campus I participated in activities like Milad, Drama Morning, Spellathon, Urdu and English speeches, debates, Math Magician, Reading and Writing contests.

The next year, being promoted to the senior campus was a new experience for my fellow students and I. The seniors proved to be great mentors for us and I learnt a lot from them. I had the opportunity to attend an entrepreneurship workshop by the Nest I/O startup, Unstoppable, participate in competitions like Kangaroo Linguistic and Mathematics and Spellathon, and be a part of various assemblies. In 2019, me and a group of students, including some of the best people I ever met and worked with – including our Director Editorial, Hamza Khurram, Head Girl, Dua Siddiqui, and our Coordinator, Ms. Kashaf – executed a skit on the theme ‘Space Unites the World’ for a massive audience at the PAF Museum, at an event organized by SUPARCO. Performing in front of thousands of people under the scrutiny of intimidating judges from different renowned institutes was a huge learning experience.

The exciting activities organized by the afterschool Clubs, such as English and Urdu elocutions, the 2019-2020 Book Review Contest, the Magic of Harry Potter Drawing Contest, and the Leader of the Year Workshop gave me endless opportunities to explore my talents and potential. The Alt-Ed Program at the senior school helped me in brushing my acting skills through the course ACT-1. Even during the pandemic, I continued participating in extracurricular activities with the same zeal and enthusiasm. From a virtual declamation contest at IBA (Institute of Business Administration), to an international letter writing competition by the Global Forum for Teacher Educators, the novel experiences available to me at FPS helped me grow into a well-rounded emerging leader. A highlight was featuring on the first page of the annual FPS Calendar. 

This year, I have landed an internship at the State Bank of Pakistan, and been successfully elected as the Chairperson for the Business Club, conducting and planning my own extracurricular activities.

FPS became a second home to me and all the FPSonians, my second family. Being at FPS, I was given multiple opportunities and exposure to showcase my talents. The journey at FPS has shaped me into the person I am today. For this I thank all those FPSonians who helped me at every stage of my life, supported me and appreciated me. I am honored to be a part of the FPS family. Happy 40th Birthday FPS!


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