Navigating the Hybrid Model

Navigating the Hybrid Model

Here are a few tips for helping young learners get ready to go back to school in hybrid schooling.

  1. Routine is the Key – Routines help children to feel more secure. Make sure that your child has plenty of time to get ready for school. They should have their breakfast, get dressed, and prepare for school at the same time every day, whether it’s an at-home learning day or in-person learning day.

  2. Stay Calm & Focus on Positives – Parental calmness is paramount. Children know that the world is safe by looking at their parents. If you panic or react, so will your children. The best way to deal with anxiety is to get as much information as you can. Learn everything you can about hybrid plan. And then discuss the positives with your children so they can feel more in control as well. Talk about what the school day looks like, discussing things like how many kids were there in their class, how did they feel about attending the school in person, etc. It’s best to approach the school year in a ‘slow and steady’ frame of mind. That means not expecting perfection.

  3. Safety Protocols – discuss with your child how important it is to follow the safety protocols and demonstrate the procedures while at home. Wearing masks at all times, sanitizing/washing their hands and keeping a safe distance is vital.

  4. Be Realistic – What we are experiencing now, as the New York Times aptly puts it, is not a choice. What we are really doing is ‘crisis schooling’. With hybrid learning, relax your expectations and be more open to mistakes and imperfections than ever before. The truth is, we are all still learning.

  5. Stay informed and connected – Monitor communication from your child’s school closely to stay up to date. FPS Connect will aid you with all the information you may need. Check in with your child to know how he/she is coping with the transition back to school and how you can best support them at home.
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