Students’ Trips

Students’ Trips


December Domestic Tour 2021

 Roohan Lateef, FPS O Level Defence Campus

One of the most happening experiences of my life was definitely the Domestic Tour 2021. It was a six-day trip organized by FPS from the 27th of December to the 1st of January 2022. During the trip, we explored a total of four places – Islamabad, Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad and Khanpur.

In Islamabad, we visited various tourist attractions and had their famous savour pulao that honestly left my taste buds mesmerized. Furthermore, our stay at Neelum valley was memorable due to the heartwarming hospitality of the Kashmiri people. Our stay at Muzaffarabad was one of my favorites as we explored the renowned Muzaffarabad market. Khanpur was also a very thrilling place as we indulged in various water sporting activities such as jet skiing and para sailing. After visiting Khanpur, we returned to Islamabad to celebrate New Year’s Eve and then departed for Karachi.

When I reflect back on this trip, I am amazed how it has transformed me. This tour taught us the importance of time management and proved to be an excellent bonding experience between the students and the teachers. Moreover, it provided us with an opportunity to dive into the world of cultural diversity and appreciate the most breathtaking wonders of Pakistan.

Hammad Yahya, O Level Defence Campus

On the 27th of December, we left for Islamabad to start out journey towards Neelum Valley. This trip was organised by the school and many students including me were patiently waiting for it. The start of our journey was rough as we were leaving our parents and homes behind, but excitement took over our grief as it turned out to be the most memorable experience of my life.

The teachers, accompanying us were very reliant, caring and helped us at every point. They went out of the way to organize a variety of activities for us. Throughout the trip, they also kept our parents well-informed about every detail and sorted out any concerns efficiently. The tour guide was also extremely helpful and kept us entertained throughout the tour.  Apart from that, we were awestruck by the scenic beauty of Pakistan and created unforgettable memories that we will cherish forever.  In the end, I would like to thank the school administration for organizing such a wonderful tour for the students.


Zayyan Munir, O Level Defence Campus

During the six- day Pakistan tour, I got the opportunity to explore various regional cuisines and interact with the amazing people living in different regions of Pakistan. Their hospitality has truly left me speechless. When I look back at this journey, I realize the opportunities of personal growth that I was given. This tour not only taught me the importance of self-management, but also taught me the art of teamwork and collective willpower. Another key life skill that I learnt from this tour was time management. I believe it will benefit me throughout my life. Moreover, I would like to thank my school, FPS for organizing this wonderful trip.


A Trip to the Beach

Rafeeyah Quddos Baig, A Level

That exhilarating feeling cannot be easily forgotten. I still remember the excitement we felt as we ran towards the campus gates, trying to shelter ourselves from the pelting of the unrelenting rain. Upon our arrival we were treated with the sight of scrumptious looking Halwa Puri, instantly satisfying our ravenous state as we did not hold back from stuffing ourselves full. Calling us out to form lines, we were then led to our massive coasters, taking us to the anticipated ‘Turtle Beach’ as we sat back and relaxed in our seats, singing and dancing along to delightful music provided by the musical experts present.

By the time we arrived at our destination, it had started to rain cats and dogs. Setting our bags in our designated rooms, we all collectively ran outdoors. The first step on the cool, welcoming sand melted all our tenseness away. With sand between our toes and massive smiles on our faces, we sprinted towards the warm crystal clear water. The sea stretched out far beyond the horizon, and with the added element of the downpour, we all witnessed true natural beauty at its finest. Taking millions of pictures so we don’t forget this beautiful moment, we were all lost in our own world of excitement and amusement.

To add to our pleasure, various activities had been planned for us students as we indulged ourselves in taking a ride on the motorboat and Jet Ski, creating the feeling of pure bliss as cold crisp air blew through our hair and water from the rain and sea showered us with extreme intensity. Riding horses and taking a spin on the buggy car felt so natural as we immersed ourselves in the exciting atmosphere.

After all the crazy activities we took part in, our famished selves were treated to some delicious food, adding the cherry on top to the absolutely wonderful experience we had. Being out in the cold and rain, we were delivered some much-needed tea, tying the knot on the most exciting trip we have experienced, heightening our expectations for any future trips we may have.


Anzila Jessani, A Level

I speak on behalf of all students when I say that this year’s beach trip was the most momentous one we have attended so far. From rain gate-crashing the event to dancing to the sound of the waves and the sound of my jaw quivering from the cold, it was a holistic experience that I will continue to cherish.

Going all the way back to the Eagles’ Club Launch, I recall seeing students one after another, mark the Beach Trip as the most awaited event of the year. Fast forward to December, I remember how just moments before our exam while I was staring into my physics notebook, the person sitting to the right of me was battling with indecision over ordering the right outfit for the trip. This is how excited the crowd was!

Our journey kicked off as we boarded what I would call a “desi take on a disco bus.” It wasn’t too long before I found myself cornered between frigid winds rushing in from the south, icy-cold raindrops falling over from the sky, and a lukewarm ocean beneath me acting as a pillar of strength. Our small section on the beach fostered the interest of every single person on the trip; Volleyball, cricket, jet-ski, horse-riding, flash photography, duties, biryani, and the star of the show for me “chai.” One of the cutest moments was watching my friends being extremely skeptical about the jet ski, but negotiating themselves onto it and going for a little spin.

After an entire term of juggling between studying and living in pandemic times, the beach trip was a perfect excuse to rejuvenate and refuel. Writing about this makes me think about how life just flashes by and we’re all either dwelling in the past or obsessing about a future that does not exist; we forget to breathe, to feel, to think, and absorb the gift that is life. Moving forward, I hope everyone is as ecstatic to tackle the challenges presented by the new year as I am! 


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