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FPS Interns in Schools

  My time at the Elementary campus has been really good. Working with this age group is a learning experience on its own. I have learnt how it really takes a person’s dedication and commitment to help out the young children. This teaching opportunity has not only made me productive but also showed me what […]

Holistic Student Development at FPS

The COVID-19 pandemic crystallized a realization many years in the coming: the world as we knew it, has changed. While schools of the yesteryear were designed to set children up for fulfilling careers, schools of today have an additional role: to prepare children and young adults with the conceptual toolkit that will allow them to […]

School Payments Made Easy

In order to facilitate our parents, we are introducing some exciting and innovative options for the payment of fees with convenience. Parents will now have multiple options to pay their fee without having to leave the comfort of their homes. 1. Over the Counter (OTC) at Bank Branch: All FPS fee vouchers can be paid […]

Navigating the Hybrid Model

Here are a few tips for helping young learners get ready to go back to school in hybrid schooling. Routine is the Key – Routines help children to feel more secure. Make sure that your child has plenty of time to get ready for school. They should have their breakfast, get dressed, and prepare for […]

Blended Learning

Amidst the global pandemic challenge, teachers all over the world are leading in crisis and reimagining the future.  The paradigm shift, which has occurred in teaching, learning and assessment, has resulted in technological advancement. Click here to view. At FPS, we believe that learning should never stop and we continue to thrive with our efforts […]

New In-House Books

Environmental Studies We are all citizens of planet Earth, therefore its protection and care is very much our own responsibility. Environmental Studies, since its introduction in the year 2001 at Foundation Public School from grades I to V, has emerged as a significant element within our school curriculum. As a FPS 40th year special, we […]

About Foundation Pubic School
We at Foundation Public School believe in freedom of thought and spirit, scientific inquiry and critical thinking. We aim at providing opportunities for our students to flourish and learn in a conducive environment. We hope to prepare students to grow and develop into mature human beings capable of making decisions realistically and with compassion.