Autobahn Campus

Autobahn Campus
Foundation Public School is a well integrated network of 9 branches (6 in Karachi and 3 in Hyderabad , Sindh). It is one of the very few educational conglomerates which read the need and spelt it out so successfully by stepping on a path where most ‘feared to tread’; one of the fewer still who withstood the rising accusation that it had strengthened the hands of those who were auctioning education at exaggerated prices. But the founders of FPS have proved to its detractors that to buy quality, any price is too little.


Grade Levels: Grade II to Grade VI
Near Railway Housing Society, Main Autobahn Rd, Hyderabad.
Ph: (022) 3411202
Email: abchyd@fps.edu.pk
Building Head: Ms. Hina Kafeel

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About Foundation Pubic School
We at Foundation Public School believe in freedom of thought and spirit, scientific inquiry and critical thinking. We aim at providing opportunities for our students to flourish and learn in a conducive environment. We hope to prepare students to grow and develop into mature human beings capable of making decisions realistically and with compassion.